Axel Wøhlk1873

Axel Wøhlk
Given names
Birth August 27, 1873 44 45
Globally unique identifier: 53A00B35E488452C2201A06500C9FF50
Record ID number: MH:IF2354
Baptism August 27, 1873
Globally unique identifier: 53A027E2494A85344201A06500C9FF50
Record ID number: MH:IF2387
Death of a paternal grandfatherCarl Wöhlk
October 7, 1874 (Age 13 months)
Globally unique identifier: 536FAD2E4E9292E86201A06500C9F388
Record ID number: MH:IF2053
Census February 1, 1880 (Age 6) Age: 6
Address: Nytorv, matr. no. 59 Forhus 1. etage
Death of a fatherCarl Andreas Nicolai Wøhlk
October 31, 1885 (Age 12)
Globally unique identifier: 53A000352052B525F201A06500C9FF50
Record ID number: MH:IF2316
Confirmation April 8, 1888 (Age 14)
Census February 1, 1890 (Age 16) Age: 16
Address: Nytorv matr. nr. 59 Forhus 1. etage
Death of a motherClara Wilhelmine Knutzen
August 16, 1909 (Age 35)
Globally unique identifier: 53A00A9C5854E52AC201A06500C9FF50
Record ID number: MH:IF2341
Birth of a son
Hugo Skjoldager Wøhlk
November 18, 1909 (Age 36)
Globally unique identifier: 53A016085CC135300201A06500C9FF50
Record ID number: MH:IF2365
Death of a sisterDagmar Wøhlk
February 25, 1922 (Age 48) Age: 55
Globally unique identifier: 53A00AF765D5A52BA201A06500C9FF50
Record ID number: MH:IF2349
Death of a brotherJohan Carl Knutzen Wøhlk
April 30, 1928 (Age 54)
Globally unique identifier: 53A00BED5CD8B52CC201A06500C9FF50
Record ID number: MH:IF2358
Marriage of a childHugo Skjoldager WøhlkRuth Fønss HerskindView family
1935 (Age 61)

Death of a brotherAlfred Wøhlk
March 2, 1949 (Age 75)
Globally unique identifier: 53A00B0F6018052BD201A06500C9FF50
Record ID number: MH:IF2351
Burial of a brotherAlfred Wøhlk
March 7, 1949 (Age 75)
Death of a sonHugo Skjoldager Wøhlk
1960 (Age 86)

Globally unique identifier: 53A016085CC2E5301201A06500C9FF50
Record ID number: MH:IF2366

Globally unique identifier: 53A0159E8B35052F7201A06500C9FF50
Record ID number: MH:IF2360

Globally unique identifier: 53A00B35E489D52C3201A06500C9FF50
Record ID number: MH:IF2355
Family with parents - View family
elder sister
18 months
elder sister
2 years
elder sister
4 years
elder sister
Dagmar Wøhlk
Birth: January 27, 1867 37 38Frederikshavn
Death: February 25, 1922Frederikshavn
18 months
elder brother
5 years
-16 years
elder brother
-15 months
elder brother
7 years
elder brother
2 years
elder sister
6 years
elder brother
Family with Ane Marie Skjoldager - View family